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Mikulinzi Nursing Home is a private health facility registered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and dentists board.

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Mikulinzi Hospital

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Our Services

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Outpatient Services

Visit us or call us today for any medical needs. Our outpatient services include consultation services by a qualified team of doctors

Family Planning
Family Planning Services

We have years of experience in family planning services including counselling, education and other services to ensure you and your spouse live a well planned life.

Cancer Screening
Cancer Screening Services

Get yourself screened for different types of cancer. We offer the best services for you and your loved ones.

Maternity Unit

Our Maternity Unit is fully equipped with modern equipment to manage any case that walks through our facility with professional midwives and a gynecologists 24/7. We provide bampered gifts to the newborns.

Minor Surgery
Minor Surgery

We have qualified doctors to perform minor surgery on patients. Visit us today as we are open everyday of the week.

Child welfare
Child Welfare Services

We care and cater for the well being of your children. Your child's health is closely monitored to make sure they grow up healthy.

Laboratory Services
Laboratory Services

A well equipped laboratory with all the necessary equipments to make a fast and accurate diagnosis done by a competent and qualified team member.

Theatre Services

We have a well equipped theatre team with digitized equipment aimed at giving us positive results. Theatre services include:</p> <p>(a) Major Surgeries<br /> (b) Minor Surgeries<br /> (c) Caesarian Section

Diagnostic Sonographic (Ultrasound) Services

Our services include ultrasound services using the best equipments.

Inpatient Services

With a 30 bed capacity, we are well equipped to care for many patients. With our professional staff there for you until you make a quick recovery.

Pharmacy Services
Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy is fully stocked and has a vast array of drugs for our patients. We are open every day 24 hours a day even during the weekends.


We Offer Special Clinics done by professional consultants

Gynacological Clinic
Gynecological Clinic (GoPC)

health care professional specializing in the care of women and their reproductive health

Surgical Clinic
Surgical Clinic (SoPC)

We provide both Major and Minor Surgeries by Professionals

Hypertension Clinic
Hypertension Clinic (HoPC)

We diagnose high blood pressure and help patients to achieve target blood pressure

Diabetic Clinic
Diabetic Clinic

meet medical professionals who can check that you're as healthy as possible and give you highly specialized advice and treatment on your diabetes

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